What is a GTIN?

A GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is a code you’ll find on most of the products you find in stores and supermarkets.
Each different product get a GTIN by the producer or importer based on its own globally unique GLN company number. This way all products have an unique GTIN code printed as a barcode on the product. The product can be recognized in the complete supply chain.

What is a barcode?

A barcode for final good is a GTIN translated into a pattern of parallel lines. The lines, so called, bars, represent the same information in the numbers. The bars are machine readable if scanned by the cashier. Automatically the items description and price will come up and is linked with stock control and cash receipt.

What is a FloriBar code?

A FloriBar code for horticulture is equal to a normal GTIN and works the same as a barcode, translated into an EAN13. Only the way the GTIN is allocated is not the same: a normal GTIN is allocated by the producer himself based on his company code (GLN) and his own article codes, on the contrary FloriBar codes are allocated at a central platform and published via a website. To avoid different codes for the same article but produced by several growers.

Affixing barcodes

A printing offices or supplier of pots, sleeves or packingmaterial can help affixing the right barcodes on the articles. They are familiar with specifications and criteria of placing barcode symbols on products made by GS1.