What is FloriBar?

FloriBar, formerly Codering Levend Groen (CLG), is a uniform coding system for ornamental products which are to be scanned at the Point of Sale (POS) in garden centers, D.I.Y. shops and supermarkets.

History of FloriBar – formerly Codering Levend Groen (CLG)

The Netherlands plays a leading role in the floriculture. Almost half of the international trade in potted plants and cut flowers takes passes the Dutch systems. A substantial part of these products is scanned at the cash registers. One uniform coding system is an efficiënt link in the chain in the international communication. Therefor in 1999 a research project was started and in 2000 the CLG code was a fact.

In 2006 CLG started a joined venture with Uniform Bar Coding, active in arboriculture and forestry. At the end of 2006 CLG got a formal status.

In 2011 CLG was posted at VKC, an important registration authority in floriculture since 1986. Now operating under the name Floricode. The name CLG changed into FloriBar in 2018.

How does the code structure of FloriBar work?

The structure of the FloriBar codes is based on the general GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) of GS1 found on almost every consumer product in supermarkets. The core of FloriBar is to offer a solution for all these plants and flowers grown by different producers looking all the same, surely through the eyes of the consumer. Besides that characteristics are grouped under one code. This way it helps to control the number of codes.

What is the usefulness of FloriBar?

The difference between a genaral GTIN and FloriBar lays in the way the code is released. It is not made by one single producer but it is centrally allocatted by Floricode and publiced via this website. For the whole floricultural and arboricultural chain there is one counter to rule the coding system and to apply for a code for trees, plants and flowers.
A lot of retailers have their own range of bar codes. This can be reduced by joining FloriBar. The FloriBar standard makes it possible to analyse throughout the complete chain what is or is not a best seller. All menbers in the chain can respond quick to developements in the market. It makes it possible to put the code on the product in an early stage which reduces labour costs.
To connect the FloriBar with a location code (GLN) tracking and tracing of the producer will be possible.

Allocation of a FloriBar code

Of course there are some rules to regulate the allocation of codes. Broadly a product with more trade is coded more detailed than small scale products. Only existing trees, plants and flowers are coded. Via this website members have the possibility to search or apply for codes.