FloriBar, formerly Codering Levend Groen (CLG), is a uniform coding system for ornamental products that are scanned at the cash registers of garden centers, DIY stores and supermarkets.



What is a GTIN?



A GTIN (Global Trade Item Number) is a code you’ll find on most of the products you find in stores and supermarkets.
Each different product get a GTIN by the producer or importer based on its own globally unique GLN company number. This way all products have an unique GTIN code printed as a barcode on the product. The product can be recognized in the complete supply chain.



Welcome to the website of FloriBar, formerly Coding Living Green (CLG)


On this website you will find barcodes for nearly all indoor, annual, perennial and ornamental plants.

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Breeders and growers are very interested in the independent and reliable registration of their new products. Floricode records and manages the naming, taxonomic description and botanical features of new products. As part of the registration, the products are also photographedgrafeerd


Floricode manages the codes necessary for digital trade in ornamental crops, including product coding and regulatory features (VBN), GPC codes (GS1), business and location codings (GLN), logistics and process variables


Floricode develops and manages open messaging standards for the international ornamental sector that allows companies to exchange their commercial, logistic and financial information electronically with their business partners in a simple and unambiguous way.