Searching for a FloriBar code

After you have logged on to this site as a menber you have the opportunity to search for codes. First start your search in the field ‘naam 1’. In the database results you can make a selection of the given characteristics for more detailed codes.

In the fields “naam 1” and “naam 2” you can fill in the complete name of the crop or better to use a wildcard (*) and a part of the name. Not all the products in the database have a productcode (formerly VBN code). Searching in the field “productcode” is not always succesfull. If you are ready use the button “Zoeken” at the bottom of the page.

Examples for a search

Example 1: You are looking for the code of Anthyllis vulneraria Red Carpet Pot size 18
Step 1: You fill in the complete name in the field “naam 1”. No result.
Step 2: You fill in the first two parts of the name. Anthyllis vulneraria. You have 8 results. The code for pot size 16 -18,9 is suitable 8717191223430

Example 2: You are looking for Lysimachia punctata ‘Alexander’ Potmaat 13
Step 1: You fill in a part of the name and use a wildcard (*): Lysimachia punctata*. You have 6 results and between them Alexander 12-13,9 is suitable 8717191365369

Example 3: You are looking for yellow “mums”
Step 1: First you need to know that mums are Chrysanthemums. So start your search with naam 1 plus wildcard : chrysant*   You have 471 results.
Step 2: Select geel (yellow) in field Bloem/ Kleurgroep You have 16 results. Make your choice in type and pot size.

Example 4: Your are looking for a code list of carnation
Step 1: The scientific name is Dianthus, so naam 1 Dianthus* (with wildcard!) You have 956 results on 20 pages. By marking “FloriBar” you select the whole page. With the button “Download selectie” you can export the data to excel.

Procedure to apply for a new FloriBar code

If you are a FloriBar Plus member you are allowed to apply for codes. If your product is not found in the database or is it found but not with a specificartion you need you can apply for the code by using the button “Nieuwe code aanvragen”. You will receive an Email with the new code as soon as possible.

FloriBar download from the site

Make your selection by marking the results you need and “Download selectie”.